ELITECAD Architecture 2

Basics - Advanced - Professional
Dates upon request
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Goals, topics and information
In our workshop ELITECAD Architecture 2 you will learn how to fast and efficiently generate a 3D model based on BIM and derive information like dimensioning, room areas, etc. You can derive relevant 2D plans and finish them with individual plan graphics. You will develop layouts including plan headers and autotexts and generate PDF plans in only a few steps.
One full day 9am to 5pm (including 1 hour lunch break)
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390,00 €/person net
You will work on your own laptop with a free ELITECAD AR14 demo version installed. Upon request we can also provide a workstation.
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Introduction and workshop overview
Create an extensive project with structures and storeys
3D construction
Create a 3D model and 3D construction (floor, wall, door, window, stairs, roof, etc.)
Place and move clipping areas
Working planes
Work fast and efficiently with various working planes
Planning phases / representation levels
Design, submission, execution and working drawings
Plan/model - relationship
Ceate and edit parametric plan views like floor plans, sections, views, details and perspectives
Library parts
Place and replace library parts
Hatches and labeling
Place and parametrize hatches and labels
Room areas
Automated room areas, room groups and separators
Associative dimensioning (points, wall, openings and height dimensions, etc.)
Layout templates
Define layout templates (individual plan headers, autotexts, frames in various formats)
Definie plots (multiple views)
Printing and automated generation of (3D) PDFs
Data backup
Save and load
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